sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2010

Mensagem do Fundador da Agência de Imprensa Maçônica da Romênia com ocasião do primeiro aniversário da APMR

My beloved friends,

I sat and I thought these days to what I need or would I must to write in my message sent to you today, at the end of one year from the founding of Masonic News Agency of Romania. This decision was taken by someone else! The decision came from a son of a Brazilian Mason, a person who, through his words, opened me a new horizon, allowed me to see things different as they are.

A few days ago I realized that through my work and the Agency’s work, not only that we were able to inform our Brethrens that speak Romanian, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese languages, but we managed to bring happiness in some uninitiated persons’ hearts, Freemasons’ families. I understood that everything is not just competition, only strive to succeed, a self-improvement. For all this I thank to Marcus, a person who I may already considered him a part of Masonic News Agency of Romania history, a part of my Mason life, and whose letter I have on my desk, always remembering me of the day I receive it.

I will give reading, with the approval of Marcus, to the letter received from him:

First of all I want to apologize myself because the only way possible to communicate is through English language instead of your native language.

Representing my family, I have the obligation to thank you all for the recognition given to my father, Clarindo José Teixeira. Today would be his birthday and I decided to look for things regarding to his life on the internet. Fortunately I found this report, which was also published locally.

My father died on November 30th, 2008, one day after receiving the main “title” of the Freemasonry. On November 29th he was in a deep coma – during 13 days – and he was already considered dead. On that day, in his name I received the honor of the “Comenda Dom Pedro I”, which is considered the highest level on the Freemasonry in Brazil. When I went to the Intense Therapy, in the afternoon, I told him (even in coma) that he had been honored and that he got a medal as recognition for his contributions and so I was extremely proud of him. Unexplained he opened his eyes during his coma and started to cry. His heart beats, which were about 55 beats per minute, achieved 144 beats per minute and I could see that he understood what I was telling, despite of the fact that he c ouldn’t talk. It was the last moment with him, which had an enormous relevance for his life. He died on the next day, at 6:58 am.

There are people who really follow the values and feelings of the Freemasonry, and my father was truly one of them. I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FOR THE HOMENAGE THAT HE RECEIVED AND FOR THE HONOR OF HAVING A FREMASON FATHER. The charity that you brought to my family certainly helped my father pass away proving him of his contribution to this world. Also, it has relieved our pain.

Little attitudes might have huge consequences to others. This little action of putting this news in your site relieved the pain that I am feeling right now, on the day his birthday. Probably I might be the happiest reader of this text who is celebrating the life - life of my father! Thank you all for the hole that you have in our society struggling to keep values that had been forgotten by people around the world!

My respect and best feelings to you!

If possible, please just confirm that you received this email. That would mean a lot to us!

Marcus Cardoso Teixeira
Goiania – Goias – Brazil

All these words have moved me much more than I would ever have imagined. It was perhaps the most sincere and beautiful letter ever received. In that moment I began to understand another stage of Freemasonry. As I said it always, no matter of the degree I have, I will never exceed to the Apprentice’s Degree, the eternal learning degree...

Hereby, I transformed a formal speech, rigid, in a one who wants to leave to emanate what I feel in these days so important for me as a Mason and, especially, as a simple man, resident of this Natural Great Temple which is our beloved planet Earth.

I want that all who read these lines, whether if they are Masons or Profanes, belonging to different Obedience’s, to understand that this Mason fought, fight and will fight as long as he can for all insiders who understood how important it is the communication and the information... in one word: The Knowledge. For all those who, for better or for worse they know to shake their hands and forget the geometric point of their origin, heaving behind only a one world vision and forward the help and the contribution which they can bring to the Humanity, their Families, to their Brothers and to those who come after us.

For some it is a day like any other one, but for me it is the most beautiful day of my life and with this occasion, I want to thank to all those who sent me congratulations, words full of happiness, health and hope, from Grand Masters to Apprentices Masons, from the profanes to my family...

Special thanks for the friendship and devotion shown to the Principles, the Ideas and the Actions of the Masonic News Agency of Romania by the Masonic Grand Lodge of the State of Goias, under whose presidency the Brazilian Confederation of Symbolic Masonry has received a global image, to the President and Grand Master Ruy Rocha de Macedo and Illustrious Brethren Gladston Charles Rezende Reis which, through their vision, they understood the importance of the Freemasonry communication’s in the XXIst century and the role of our existence. Those with who we will initiate the XXIX CMSB General Assembly mediatization and, with the will of the Great Architect, many, many other projects which shall unite our Valleys, Romania and Brazil, into a long standing Brotherhood.

Thanks to the Feminine Grand Lodge of Romania, a CLIPSAS member, and its Grand Master, Madame and Sister Anca Nicolescu, who was actively involved in the national and international Masonic media’s process through an active and friendly cooperation, understanding that the envy, hatred and the resentment are not part of the United National Masonry. Thanks to the Supreme Council for Romania and to the United National Grand Lodge of Romania and also to our Brethrens from the other Romanian Grand Lodges.

Thanks to the Grand Lodge of State Sovereign and Independent “El Potosi”, member of the Confederation of Regular Grand Lodges of Mexico, and its Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brethren Israel Hernandez Arriaga who have been together with us all this time and together with whom we will begin the most ambitious project since the foundation of the Masonic News Agency till now, project that we will make public in March this year.

I want thank to all the Supreme Councils and Grand Lodges, other than those already mentioned, because they have accepted us as friends and they treated the Masonic News Agency pf Romania as their equal. I thank to all the Lodges such as Mariano Arista No.’. 2, of the Western Hemisphere that have worked with us, and in particularly, to our Brethrens Victor Mora and Rafael Vidal Sergio Aguila from Venezuela and Cuba.

Thanks to our Brethrensfrom USA and to the Diario Masonico team, to our Brethrens from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, France, Guatemala, to the Grand Orient Arab’s Founder etc., to all those who provided to the Masonic News Agency of Romania the opportunity to move forward, developing and maintaining extremely good bilateral relations.Thanks to you all, the Agency was born, lives and will live as long as you will be there and you will need us and our work. The Masonic News Agency of Romania is a forum where all the Freemasons have an open door, is that place where the Brotherhood and the feelings transcends the Amity and Recognition Treaties, the medals, diplomas and the length in Masonry.
We expect a very difficult year, I will not deny, but I want us to think a moment about what we have achieved together, Masons or not, here on Earth... We are children of the same divine creation, hard to understand, difficult to explain, but present now, here, among us, with us and in us... We are Brethrens, you must always remember this...

Finally, I want bow myself before you telling you that I will remain eternally grateful for what you gave me: life, hope, love, happiness, truth, goodness, anxiety, pain, pleasure... All this are part of my life and I will never forget them! I shall feel all this with the proper moderation.

I want thank to Marcus for that letter, again, and to mention the fact that I want to bring a final tribute to his father, my Brethren, our Brethren, of all Freemasons, the Illustrious Brother Clarindo José Teixeira.

In the end but not the last, finally I want thank to a person who, even if she was not always in agreement with my ideas, she stayed with me and helped me, a person who marked my life and who has not renounce it in doing this, to the one without which I would not be here today, my Mother.

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

May this year be just the first of many others which will come into your life, mine and the one of the Masonic News Agency of Romania.

A humble member of the Romanian Masonic Order
A Happy Brethren of the Universal Freemasonry


Friend, Brethren and Founder of the Masonic News Agency of Romania